Low Energy Home

Green Air Technologies have recently completed the build of a Low Energy House in Sligo. Current building regulations demand increased energy efficiency and a renewable energy system. With this in mind, a bespoke design satisfying both the clients concepts and the regulations was developed. The result, a low energy house delivering thermal comfort, healthy living, lower heating costs and a high degree of owner satisfaction.

Construction Services300x300Super Insulation

Insulating the building envelope is the most important of all energy conservation measures because it has the greatest impact on energy expenditure. With this in mind Green Air Technologies used a combination of high thermal value insulating materials and block on flat walls. The additional cost of this system will be offset by the elimination of a conventional central heating system. This Super Insulated House Design includes:

  • High value thermal insulation in the roof, walls and ground floor
  • A continuous insulating envelope with no cold bridges
  • Airtight construction
  • Double glazed argon filled windows
  • A low temp air source heat pump
  • Airtightness

In order to ensure that the building envelope is airtight, robust detailing was applied from the outset thereby keeping heat loss to a minimum and maintaining comfortable air temperatures. Great care in the sealing of all joints around doors and windows and at all service openings is of particular importance.

Double Glazing Windows

Energy efficient, high performance windows offer excellent thermal performance. In the case of a super insulated home the windows are thermally the weakest point in the building fabric. To overcome this problem high performance double glazed windows with Low E glass and inert gas fill were used.

Thermal Values of Super Insulation

The advantages of super insulation should be achieved when the overall fabric U-value is below 0.2 W/m2K.



  • "I am absolutely delighted with the results, it's like a new home, I would recommend Green Air Technologies to anyone. It's the the best job we ever did on our house"

    Martin Elsasser, Dun Laoghaire

  • "Well priced and made such a huge difference that it's hard to believe it's the same house! Green Air delivered on everything that was promised"

    Jean Paul Perroton, Connemara

  • Customers Feedback

    The following testimonials convey the satisfaction felt by customers following insulation work by Green Air Technologies."Great service. Everything was done quickly and to a high standard. The house is so comfortable and warm now I can't believe it's the same house. Great value for money from a really good company"

    Patricia Kearns, Co. Leitrim

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