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Providing Sustainable Energy

With the inevitable onset of global carbon drastically affecting our environment, coupled with recent record prices of oil, it has become crucial for everyone to investigate new and reliable energy sources to help compensate for these changes.  Green Air Technologies is here to deliver this technology to homeowners and businesses worldwide in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Through technological advancements, Green Air Technologies has been able to increase efficiencies of their turbine, produce usable power at lower wind speeds, drastically lower maintenance costs and improve reliability.
Furthermore, this has all been done at a price point which is leading the market in an effort to bring affordable alternative energy to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Linear Pitch blade technology  


The NTP Linear Pitch wind turbine has blade pitch control that automatically adjusts to the wind speed. If the wind rises above the peak operating speed of 27 MPH the blades will change angle, causing the blade speed to slow or stay within RPM limits. The Linear Pitch system will operate in winds higher than most other conventional turbines in its class.

Price – Our turbines operate using a technology that is not only innovative but has reduced the price point on our systems to ensure a faster return on investment to the end user.

Robust – State of the art wind systems equipped with rugged generators ensure that turbines operate in even the harshest of conditions.

Installation – The form factor design of our generators allows for installation ease, thereby minimizing up-front costs and minimizing your environmental footprint.

Specifications – With the lowest cut-in speed in the industry, electricity is produced sooner and more efficiently.

Onscreen monitor and control

NTP Wind Aurora® Wind Inverters and Interfaces Optimize Small-Wind-Turbine Energy Harvesting

Aurora® Wind Inverters utilize a permanent magnet generator power curve, implemented in high-speed maximum power point tracking, to increase the amount of energy that can be harvested from small wind turbines. These power curves are optimized, via software, to match the output of the NTP Wind turbine.

NTP Wind Aurora® Wind Interfaces condition the output of a micro-wind generator, as an option for use with a wind inverter; eliminating the need for any additional rectification.

Final installation of inverter

Power One manufacturing facility

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This model is designed for residential or light commercial applications where power demands exceed 1.2kW but remain less than 3kW. It can operate as grid-tied with our inverter or in a grid-free environment using a battery charger, where no grid power is available. Full kit available. More

The 5kW model is an excellent choice for large residential applications with power demands greater than 3kW but less than 5kW. A ready to install, full kit is available for the 5kW model. Our generators operate in both horizontal and vertical applications. More

One of our more popular generators because of is compact size, cooling system and excellent size to weight ratio. The 10kW model is designed for large residential, commercial and light industrial/power generating facilities. More

Our AFPM generator utilizes our innovative technology. Fully scalable and excellent for large commercial or industrial applications, the 50kW model can be integrated into various producing structures to reduce grid dependency and provide excess power to your generating facility. More


Power Predictor

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