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GAT Certified Installers

GAT are one of the leading installers of solar PV panels also known as solar photovoltaics. Our solar PV systems are usually installed within one to two days .
GAT solar PV panels are built to withstand the most rigorous operating conditions while still offering high power output. Their pr innovation in surface texturing of panels increases their light absorption yielding high efficiency ratings.

How do Solar Panels work?

Sunlight is made up of photons, so, as these photons hit the semi-conductor metal of the PV or photovoltaic panel, electrons are released. These electrons form or create a direct current. A typical solar PV photovoltaic panel system consists of three main elements:

• An array of solar PV photovoltaic modules
• An inverter(s)
• Cables, display and switchgear

The inverter is an electronic device that converts the DC Direct Current electricity produced by the solar array into AC Alternating Current with the same voltage and frequency as the mains supply. The same inverter also performs various safety functions, constantly monitoring the grid and switching off power, in the event of a mechanical fault or even any major fluctuation in mains supply. The output of the inverter goes directly into the building’s fuse box – feeding solar electricity into the building’s conventional electricity supply. This also means you will not have to buy so much electricity from your chosen electricity supplier.

The appliances in the building will use the free electricity generated from your solar PV photovoltaic system. And then any surplus power will automatically be exported into the grid, so that others can buy the “green” electricity you have generated. Most solar PV photovoltaic systems are grid connected, which means that the electricity generated is fed directly into (and synchronised with) a building’s existing mains supply.

On a sunny day, the power generated by the solar PV system reduces the amount of electricity that needs to be bought from the electricity supply company. On very sunny days, or at times when not many loads are turned on, the PV may generate more power than is needed in the building, and the surplus will be exported out into the grid.There are six main factors that will impact how much energy a Solar PV photovoltaic system will generate.

• The efficiency of the panel.
• The overall size of the PV array.
• The latitude of the location.
• Which direction the panels face.
• The angle at which the panels are mounted.
• The amount of shade that may cover the panels.


Does Solar PV work in Ireland?

YES – absolutely! People tend to think that we do not get enough sunlight in the summer, never mind the winter months. However, this is not tecnically true. Photovoltaic cells work on sunlight as opposed to the heat from the sun. In fact, Ireland has the same annual Irradiation levels as many parts of central europe, ranging from 1200 kWhr/m2/yr in the south of the country to 1000 kWhr/m2/yr in the north of the country. A good average for the entire country is 1100 kWhr/m2/yr. If you consider our typical winters would not be as bad as many parts of central europe, our mild climate is ideal for solar installations, as we never get too hot or too cold and we have good light levels for a large part of the year.

Benefits of Solar PV

• Free energy
• Provide clean- green energy
• Get paid to produce electricity by putting it back into the grid
• Operating & maintenance costs are low
• Potential savings of €600 per year in heating costs.



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