External Wall Insulation involves the mechanical and adhesive fixing of insulation boards to the outside of a building, which is then covered with mesh reinforcement, a base coat and a final decorative finish.

Layered Method

This layered method encases the property and helps prevent heat from escaping unnecessarily from the property. The finish is normally an acrylic or Silicone type render.

Energy Loss

Around 30% of energy used to heat homes is lost through poorly insulated walls. It offers a complete solution against colder winters and increasing energy costs. Insulating your walls will help to heat your home more efficiently. More importantly it will help you to stop wasting money on your energy


• Three jobs are covered by one system. Your property is insulated, re-plastered and re-decorated in one job.

• Warmer home

• Lower heating bills

• Increased BER rating which improves saleability of dwelling

• Stops condensation, draughts & cold bridges

• Reduced CO2 emissions

• No reduction in floor space

• SEAI grants available to all homes built before 2006